Rooney & Hassman's Tribune

Week of Feb 1- Feb 5

What is going on next week?

The week's schedule:

Monday, Feb 8th- Day 3 (Hassman -- Spanish and PE), (Rooney -- Art,) Junior Achievement in the afternoon; Hassman Snowshoe

Tuesday. Feb 9th-- Day 4 Day 4 (Hassman -- PE ), (Rooney -- Music) Hassman Snowshoe

Wednesday, Feb 10th--- Day 5 (Hassman -- Music / PE), (Rooney -- Spanish, Music) Rooney Library; Hassman Snowshoe

Thursday, Feb 11th Day 1 (Hassman-- Art), (Rooney-- PE) Hassman Library; Cinderella Performance at the High School

Friday, Feb 12th-- Day 2 (Hassman --Music and Spanish), (Rooney - PE and Spanish) Valentine's Day --- valentines exchange; wear pink/white/red

**Please remember, on days that students have Music class, they need to be sure they have their recorder at school. Mrs. R's class needs recorders this week Tuesday and Wednesday.

---- From Mrs. Barootian: Students have 5-10 minutes of recorder practice each night that they should be recording on their calendar.

**Hassman / Rooney snowshoeing this week weather permitting**

Promoting Brain Growth!

Students have been spending a lot of time discussing growth mindsets and how we can help one of our most important muscles, our brain, grow!

In order for our brain to grow, we have to work on things over and over again, until it becomes second nature to us. Similar to working out, if we do not continue to work these muscles, we will lose all that we have worked for. Perseverance and critical thinking skills are essential when growing our brains and students continue to show that they have what it takes!

Growing our brains is not only important with subjects in school (math, reading, writing, art, PE, Spanish, etc) but in other life activities. Our brains grow when we create a homework routine to ensure we get our assignments done. Our brains grow when we are responsible for putting our school things together and not depending on others to do it for us. Our brains grow when we continue to practice our jump shots for that upcoming basketball game.

It is so hard to watch our children struggle and it's often times easier to just do something for them. However, productive struggling can be a positive way for students to grow. Coaching a child through a difficult situation is a great way to still support them but without doing the mental/physical work for them.

Tasks may be difficult when we first begin, but with time it becomes easier and easier! We just need to persevere so that our brains can continue to grow! Avoidance of difficult tasks only prohibits brain growth!

Be sure to ask your student about the thread, string, and rope activity!

Valentine's Day Celebration!

Students are welcome to decorate a box (shoebox size or smaller) and bring it in for Valentine's Day. Students do not need to bring valentines in for their classmates; however, if your student chooses to participate, he/she must bring one in for all the students in the class. A paper copy of the class lists were sent home but please look below for another copy if you are in need.

We also ask that you are extremely mindful when it comes to a "treat" that may accompany the valentine. We do have students with nut allergies and so we'd encourage a non-food item if possible. Thank you for your cooperation!

News, reminders, and more!

DreamBox Weekly Homework

Just a reminder that students should be completing 30 minutes of DreamBox a week at home. DreamBox challenges students where necessary while also supports them in concepts they may need to revisit. DreamBox is personalized to your student's needs and is a great resource!

Student Council will be selling Smickers!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and the Student Council will be selling Smickers this year during the lunch hours.

Buy a SMICKER for a friend, or buy one for yourself. SMICKERS are 5 1/2 inch smelly stickers that are for sale Feb 8- Feb 11th. Anything you buy will be handed out in classrooms on Feb 12th. Each SMICKER costs $.50.

Watermelon, root beer, lemon lime, tutti-frutti, jelly donut, gumball, sour apple, or cupcake - get them while supplies last. To address a SMICKER please know: first name and last initial of the person you are sending it to. You also need to know your friends homeroom teacher so it can be delivered there.

*Guardians: If you are interested in buying one for your child, please stop in the office February 8th - February 11th.

Read to Succeed

Students in both sections received papers prior to winter break for the Six Flags Read to Succeed program. If students wish to earn one free admission ticket, they need to read and log 6 hours (360 minutes) of reading between now and Feb. 19, 2016. They have a student reading log in which to do this. Logs must be returned no later than Feb. 19, 2016. Late submissions will not receive their free admission ticket.

Library Lunch Bunch book clubs -- session 2 (Feb, 4, 11, 18)

Session 2 of the lunch bunch book clubs began this week. Please remember, students must have a cold lunch on the days they will meet. With the many allergies throughout the school, please be sure lunches contain no nuts those days. If your student has food allergies, please make sure to have your student share this information with his or her book club leader also. Thank you!

PBL Time

Our end of the day is getting a little bit more interesting! From passion projects to Shark Tank, to demonstrating our knowledge on the biographies we are reading in a Wax Museum project, students will have a chance to let their creativity shine while making connections to the fourth grade curriculum!

Animal Certification with OWS

Students have the opportunity to earn an animal certification as a part of Mr. Hollinger's Science classroom at OWS (Open Window School) in Bellevue, WA.

While students here in Wisconsin will not be able to physically care for these creatures, they will become knowledgeable experts and become "certified caretakers" by Mr. Hollinger and his fourth grade class.

Here are the directions for their certification --

MAPs Testing

MAPs goal setting --These are sites developed with direct links to skill practice related to MAPs testing.



Lunch choices

Just a reminder that those students who sign up to take a C or D lunch in the morning are expected to take that lunch choice at lunch. If they decided to take something else instead, they will be charged for two lunches ($2.40 per student lunch).

Upcoming Author Visit to Horizon!

Author Ben Mikaelson will be visiting Horizon Elementary on Tuesday, March 8th. You have the opportunity to pre-order copies of two different books to be signed by our author on the day of his visit.

Order forms went home with students on Friday. If you would like to order, please fill out the form and return it to school by Friday, 2/12. Checks can be payable to Horizon.

Mrs. Rooney had a chance to meet Mr. Mikaelson this summer and listen to him speak. She said it was incredibly powerful to listen to his stories and it should be an exciting opportunity for the fourth graders.

What's Going on in Fourth Grade?

Math: Students continue their work in Unit 4 with a focus on algebraic equations and expressions. Students are using their knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to solve for unknown variables.

Looking for a tutorial to help your student at home with some of the concepts we are covering in class? Feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page or go on our district's math page!

Please continue to practice those math facts at home to keep them fresh in our minds!

Social Studies: Students continuing researching the first people of Wisconsin! From the Paleo to Oneota people, students are comparing different groups and thinking like historians by comparing different accounts to get the most accurate version of history.

Reading & Writing:

This week students discussed how narrative nonfiction differs from expository nonfiction. We began reading our biographies and have found some pretty amazing people to read about. Students have been journaling and practicing having book discussions through an activity called a "fish bowl". Ask them how that works.

We will soon begin to add some poetry into our reading and writing time.

Students were also reminded this week about making sure they are completing their jots at home in their red, home Reading notebooks. Twelve journal entries are due 2/22. In class we went over expectations for those journal entries and went through where they can find examples and questions on our webpage.

Students did an amazing job on their nonfiction book projects. Thank you to those who were able to attend the Writing Celebration! These books will come home after we complete our poetry unit. We'll be using pages in the back of our book for samples of different styles of poetry.

Unit Spelling work -- Unit 9 work will be introduced this week.

Tentative dates for work and tests:

Rooney -- work due and test on Wed, 2/17

Hassman -- work due and test on Thursday, 2/18

Reading "home" notebooks

Next "check up" dates (please be sure notebooks are returned to school on these dates).

Students should have a minimum of 12 additional journal entries by this next due date. (This would make a total of sixteen if you include the first group of six the students did.)

Rooney section -- next check in Monday, February 22nd

Hassman section -- next check in Monday, February 22nd

Expectation for these red, home, Reading notebooks/journals:

*2-3 entries per week

*2-3 sentences for each entry

*Entries can focus on our Reading strategies -- making predictions, identifying character traits, making connections (text-text, text-self), etc. Each student should have a set of questions they can also use if they get stuck trying to figure out what to write about. Details and journal sample questions here:

Math Resource Videos

Looking for a particular video on a multiplication strategy? Please look below!

“Chunking”/ Partial Quotients Video

Area Model Division Video

Expanded Notation Video