It's more than something of your IMAGINATION.

Fic is fabulous

Fic has an imagination beyond your wildest dreams! Any creative thing you think of Fic has already thought of! Fic is also a part time genie! Granting wishes is in the job description. What you want , Fic can most definitely get you!

Buy a Fic Today! Anyone who is anyone has a Fic!

Fic is more than just something of your imagination! Fic is spunky and creative. She loves to write books about stories she makes up . Fic is only 1 year old so she has her entire life ahead of her! Make sure you're creative because fic has an odd aversion to non-imaginative people. Buying Fic is one of the best choices you could ever make. Life is never dull with Fic!
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Granting Wishes and Writing Books

Fic is like a genie, She can grant your every wish and make all your dreams come true.Also she is similar to a vampire! She is eternal and will be with you every step of the way to be by your side! Fic is an author. In her free time she loves to make up stories and write books! She is wise beyond her years!

FIC is a tough cookie

Fic is very wise and when she and her family were going through a tough time she turned to writing and her imagination to get her through it. Fic was in the hospital about six months ago and she basically pretended all the bad stuff wasn't happening. She used her fabulous imagination to get through her very trialing time.

Celebs love Fic

People who love charity work and also celebrities are our best customers. Fic is really just great for anyone because she can do mostly anything. Lots of today's hottest celebs love fic. They don't have time for certain things and need creative input and fipun stories to keep them humble. Fic can do all of that.
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