Jordan, Asia

Made by - Brittni Brumble/ Haley Drahos

Jordan - Brittni/Haley

This is Jordan, one of places in the Middle East, Western Asia. There government is Constitutional Hereditary Monarchy, and there role of citizens is there choice to vote. And they nearly have 6 million people in population. Climate there Spring,Winter,Summer,Fall. It's mostly Hot and dry there.

Economy & Culture - searched by Brittni

Economy - Economic System is market oriented, Literacy Rate (the percent of people that can write or read in a country) is 92.6%, GDP Per Capita ( the amount of money the government gives per citizen) 6,000, Population (amount of people in a country) is 6,508,887, Imports Wheat, Exports Knitting/Sewing.

Culture - Holidays Independence day, and New Years Day. Traditions are share coffee with a guest, food is Mezze, and Language is Arabic. Religions are Greek Orthodox, Catholic, Schools are Salt academy School. Sports are Swimming,Diving, Syncronize, tennis - Brittni