Our GI

Kailin Irwan Keefe Kareen Sharmilla

GI Analysis

Tiong Bahru is an inclusive housing estate as there are a lot of amenities and facilities around the estate. Firstly, It has a unique structure of flats as its staircase is spiral. Secondly, the flats at Tiong Bahru are known to be quite expensive, based on our interview result. One interviewee claimed that although the flats at Tiong Bahru are expensive, the amenities and facilities there are useful as they are surrounding the estate and that makes the facilities and amenities they are useful and convienient for the people living in Tiong Bahru. Tiong Bahru is inclusive for other reasons too, as it is known to be as a matured estate, which means that it is an old estate. Lastly, what makes it inclusive is that there are some hipsters living there as it was a hippie place where hipsters go, in the past.
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