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Welcome Back BLT Teacher Leaders!

What does it mean to be a BLT teacher leader?

According to the job description, the Building Leadership Team (BLT) will work collaboratively with the Cedar Rapids Community School District Teacher Leadership Team, District Administration, and teaching staff to support teachers and facilitate the implementation of the District Goals: Closing the Achievement Gap, Implementing the Professional Learning Community (PLC) Framework, and Providing Quality Instruction.

Listen to what some of our BLT teacher leaders have to say!

Building Leadership Teams

Re-establishing Effective Teams: Norms and Agenda

Many teams have welcomed new teacher leaders to their teams. It's the perfect time to create, re-establish, or revisit BLT norms.

As you know, norms support collaboration and effective BLT meetings by guiding group behavior. This is only possible when we hold ourselves and each other accountable for any behavior that is negatively impacting the team and the work of the team.

Norm Tips:

* Use positive language and limit the number of norms

* Record and post- some teams post on wall, at the top of agenda, or use a table tent

* Review and reflect on norms regularly

Effective Agendas:

Teachers know the importance of planning; planning for instruction (having a well thought out lesson plan) influences what happens with students in the classroom. In the same way, a well thought out agenda allows for BLT meetings to run more smoothly and to get more accomplished. Effective agenda use can support the group in knowing the reason for the meeting (objectives and outcomes) and how to best focus their energy.

These are two samples from our district. Take a peek at the agenda template from Wilson Middle School and Jefferson High School.

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