Balloon Magic

Science Fair 2013 by Juliet, Hannah, & Gabby

Is it possible to blow up a balloon with just water, a bottle and a bowl?

Scientific Steps

  • Secure a deflated balloon over a bottle with a rubber band
  • Place the bottle upright in a bowl
  • Fill the bucket with boiling water
  • Watch what happens with the balloon. It should inflate
  • Now pour the hot water out of the bowl and fill it with ice
  • Watch what happens. The balloon should deflate


We think that the bigger bowl will blow up the balloon the quickest.

Charles' Law of Gas

  • an experimental gas law
  • describes how gases tend to expand when heated
  • a higher temperature will increase the pressure exerted by the gas


  • Balloon with the bigger bowl inflated the fastest
  • Balloon with the smaller bowl deflated the fastest

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