Terrific Tunnies!

By Kylie Babb


Imagine for a couple of minutes that you are a large, silvery fish. You are speeding through the ocean, looking and hunting for your prey, your next meal. What are you? Maybe…a… TUNA! Habitat, diet, and body structure are all important to the tuna. Did you know that tunas are also called tunnies?


Clearly, tuna is more than just the bad smelling thing on your sandwich. What tunnies eat, where they live, and what they look like are all factors of...a...TUNA! Did you know that there is a holiday for tuna on May 2? It is called World Tuna Day! Would you survive a day as a tuna?


In science, we got to create a diorama with our organism in it!

1= Portuguese Man-of-War

2= Narwhal

3= Jelly Fish

4= Tuna

5= Sea Turtle

6= Coral

7= Starfish

8= Sea Snail

9= Crab

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Tuna Word Wall!

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Tuna Comic!

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Charlie the Tuna 1983 commercial!

1983 Classic Star-Kist Charlie the Tuna Commercial