Math Facts

Math Fact Expectations

One of the biggest keys to mathematical success is the ability to quickly recall basic math facts! As students progress to more complex mathematical concepts, it becomes increasingly more and more important for them to automatically recall basic math facts. This allows them to concentrate on the more difficult concepts. To help establish math fact automaticity, 5th graders will be given timed math fact tests 2-3 times each week throughout the year. Each test has a 6 minute time limit.

If your child meets the expectations listed below, they will be awarded the "math fact master" award at the end of the school year. While your child does practice math facts at school, it is not usually enough time to master this skill. Your child should also be practicing their math facts at home each night.

5th Grade

Addition: 100 out of 100 correct

Subtraction: 100 out of 100 correct

Multiplication: 100 out of 100 correct

Division: 80 out of 100 correct