The Sun

By Cassie

What the Sun is made of.

The Sun is made of hydrogen and helium. 70% of the Sun is made of hydrogen and the other 30% is helium. The layers of the Sun are Chromosphere, Photosphere, Convective zone, Radiative zone, and Corona. All these things make heat and light with a process called fusion.

Temperature of the Sun.

Inside the Sun the temperature reaches as high as 16,000,000 F. The Corona reaches over 3.6 million F. The Sun is 60 times hotter than boiling water ( 212 F ) . The Sun is very hot compared to the Earth.

Size of the Sun.

The Sun is a medium sized star. The Sun is 600 times bigger than all the planets in the Solar System. If the Sun was hollow it could hold 1.3 million Earth's. The Sun is very big compared to the Earth.

Distance of the Sun.

The Sun is 93,000,000 miles away from the Earth. That's the same distance traveling around the Earth at the equator 3,700 times. Traveling at ten miles a second will still take you three an in half months. The Sun is very far away from Earth.
Attack of the Sun