Harry s.Truman

A trustworthy guy


Harry s.Truman was born on may 8th 1884 he lived in Lamar Missouri when growing up then moved to Independence Missouri in 1890 Harry graduated in high school in 1901 and moved to Kansas city in 1902. Harry got his first job as a railroad man for Santa Fe rails in 1906. Truman got married in 1919 to Elizabeth Bess then in 1924 Harry and Bess had their first child on February 17 named Marry . Truman became the 33rd president of the united states of America in 1945. Harry s. Truman died on 26 of December 1972 age 88.


Harry .s Truman was a very good president . when he was president U.s was at war with japan and Germany so he made the decision to stop the war so he did and he made

the U.s

feel Safer. Harry s. Truman was the 33rd president.


harry was 60 he read every book in the independence library.

Character Traits

Harry s. Truman was a very trustworthy person because he was the one that made us win in world war two and he made us convinced to the war and be thoughtful of the people who served in the war . harry .s Truman was a leader person he lead the u.s to win the war and lead us to do stuff to be better people in our lives.