Flipping EFL in the Medical School

Join our flipped-class workshop on a nutshell

What is Flipped-learning?

Education is not about achieving grades but actually developing skills for your future academic and professional life. So, how can we help our students handle it in a very meaningful way? Different models have come to light throughout history, some have given good results and some have failed their purpose. I would like to invite you to reflect on the following knowdlege clip on Flipped-learning.



  • Provide participants with the opportunity to explore some on-line resources in a variety of content areas which can be integrated into classroom teaching.

  • Explore ways to find additional on-line resources for use in the classroom and to tailor those resources to fit the instructional needs of your students.

  • Examine techniques for designing classroom materials to take advantage of the unique resources that exist on the World Wide Web. These techniques differ in some ways from those used in a paper-based environment.

Are you willing to take the challenge?

If so, let's start thinking how we are going to do it. The following questions will help you have a better understanding on what to focus on to flip your class.

1. What would you like to flip, an entire unit or a very specific topic?

2. Which activities that do not require my physical presence can be shifted out of the class to give more in-class time to activities that are enhanced by my presence?

3. What resources are there available for you to virtually support the flipping?

4. Watch the following knowledge clip on how to design a class based on the FL model.


Visually Imagine your Classroom Flipped

We are Flip buddies now...

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