Equality through civil rights!

Chloe Grider

Effects of civil rights movement

The civil rights movement. Violence. Struggle. Accomplishments. Equality. Although these are all facts of the civil rights movement African Americans will never have full equality. Someone will always look down. Someone will always judge and make them feel smaller than they really are. Through all the struggle and heartache and initially gaining rights they will never feel equal. And that statement is one of the largest flaws in american society then and now.

Through blood and tears.

Many would say the Civil rights movement was once of the most successful movements in United States history. The main goal being to change the overall morals and outlook white people had on African American men and women. Throughout the civil rights movement groups used many different tactics. Some were more effective than others. Each one used left a huge impact on everyone involved. The three tactics that showed most effective were, Civil-Disobedience, Economic boycott and the use of rising media.

Civil-Disobedience is the use of non-violent actions and gatherings to disrupt a towns or areas normal function. This was used by many different groups during the movement. One being Martin Luther King Jr’s march on Washington that took place August 28, 1963 at which MLK also delivered his “I have a dream speech” to over a quarter of a million people. This left a huge impact on the movement giving African Americans hope that they are being successful and will succeed.

The Montgomery bus boycott is one of the most successful examples of Economic boycott. African Americans made up over half of the Montgomery bus systems business. Most of the stops were in black neighborhoods and this is where they made most of their money. When African Americans pulled together and stopped riding the busses to fight against segregation on busses business plummeted. This was one of the most successful movements because for the first time Africans Americans held their ground and didn’t give up. They worked together to find different forms of transportation so they did not need busses.

The Civil rights movement was covered my many different news papers and radio stations. This spread the actions and news farther and faster that ever making it highly talked about making more and more people join the fight, The movement was the first to ever be covered by television showing the violence used by Americans and making all the movements more effective.

Although there were many more tactics used these three were the most effective and used in many different ways. African Americans did gain some rights and eventually got rid of segregation but there will always be some sort of racism directed towards them. Through good, bad, and ugly the African Americans succeeded and gained what the needed to be human.

Important groups

NAACP is the National Association for the Advancement of colored people. They were founded in 1990 by African American and white men and women originally names the National Negro Committee. The organization was founded to end racial injustice. Rosa parks was the Secretary of the NAACP when she refused to give up her seat on the bus. This being one of the many things started and accomplished by the NAACP.

The CORE group was founded 1942. Made up of a interracial group of students who used sit-ins as a form of Civil-Disobedience. In restaurants that only served white people they would go sit at a table until serves. Through this they made many restaurants stop segregating those that they served.


"This little light of mine" by Sam Cooke is a children's song written during the civil rights era about self empowerment. This song doesn't truly explain the hardships faced during this time but it does show the hope and need to push forward and keep going. I think for Africa Americans, childern's song or not left a huge impact and gave them a push of hope needed.