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We're actually a network of individually owned investment clubs located in major cities throughout the United States. Our mission is to help you retire earlier and better than you ever expected. Basically, we have a group of about 200 people and we buy houses and thousands of notes every week. Although the houses we buy are only in the Bakersfield area because Bakersfield Real Estate has been #1 in the nation on and off for the last ten years, you can live anywhere and invest. We make it easy to stay up to date on current developments through email, webinars and our website.

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We believe in a better future for everyone. We believe you should never lose money on your investments. We believe you can retire in ten years or less with 50-100k today. We believe you and your kids should not have to work all your lives to achieve someone else’s dreams and never be free. We believe in a better America where banks don’t set the minimum return at 1%, and people don’t depend on social security. We believe companies should care about their customers and not be motivated by greed. We believe you will thrive and achieve your dreams as a member of Los Angeles Investment Club. We believe in you.

Los Angeles Real Estate

These no secret that investing in Los Angeles real estate is more expensive than in other cities like Bakersfield, CA and Las Vegas, NV. This leads to lower cash flow returns on your money. This is why Los Angeles Investment Club picks the best city to invest in to get the highest return for it's members. Right now we're buying Bakersfield real estate every week along with Bakersfield Investment Club.

Our C Corporation is called BIC Real Estate Development that does all of the buying of real estate and notes. We also invest in businesses. The corporation owns a real estate brokerage, a property management company, a credit repair company, and part of an insurance agency. All our club's are fully insured against losses like lawsuits, theft, etc. and we have a legal opinion letter from our attorney's that shows we are in full compliance with the state and federal laws including securities regulations. You can invest money from your Solo 401k, Deferred Compensation, self directed Traditional or Roth IRA, TSA, Pension or Annuity. We can also help you find ways to save money and use the debt snowball calculator to become completely debt free.

Los Angeles Investment Club Management

"All my life people had an opinion about investing, now I only take advice from people that don't have to worry about money. If I want to pursue financial freedom through real estate, I don't contact a local real estate agent. I call someone who already escaped the rat race and acheived their dream."

Los Angeles Investment Club is a group of people who come together to do something much bigger than they could do on their own. We appraise the properties, make the offers, estimate the repairs, assign our own workers to do the repairs and have our own in house property managers find and screen the tenants, collect the rents and handle the evictions. Currently, we're buying about 2-10 houses and thousands of notes every week.

Our Club Manager, Daniel Nase, MBA, is a Real Estate Appraiser, and has 16 years of experience investing in real estate, notes and the market. He is financially retired and enjoys helping people acheive financial freedom. Daniel has worked for other people buying and selling companies, raising venture capital and preparing companies to become publically traded. He has experience with auctions, repos, flips and short sales and using statistics to value real estate and pick the best notes.

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