Canada and U.S. relationships

Katherine Gibson

Economic Relaationships

Canada and the U.S. DO NOT use the same currency

Canada exports more goods to the state of Michigan than across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe.The U.S. and Canada share a $1.4 trillion bilateral trade.Canada also accounts for 28% of the U.S.'s oil imports. The 2 countries trade together is about $2 billion in both goods and services. Canada has a 26% higher migrant rate than the U.S.

Social Relationships

The population of the U.S. is about 9 times that of Canada.

The 2 countries have been allies for over 2 centuries which makes it easily to cross the border. About 300,000 people cross between the countries every day.

Canada has 1.6% more total land area then the U.S., but the U.S. has 4 times more arable land because it has more land near the equator which causes that land to have better soil.

Canadian life expectancy -81.38 years

American life expectancy - 78.37 years

Canada has a 1% greater male population.

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Political Relationships

These 2 countries also share the same daylight savings procedure which our clocks add an hour the first Sunday in march and this ends the first Sunday in November. The independence day of each are only 3 days apart July 1 and July 4.

The U.S. and Canada have the longest undefended border in the world. They work together so they are able to maintain their status.