Welcome to smith rising 6th graders

Sinai & Amanda

Class and hallway expectations

Use the round -about

Don't talk when someone is talking in class

Don't run in the hallway

Have good posture when siting on a chair

Have your materials ready when you come into class

when walking in the hallway don't look into classrooms when a teacher is try to teach

How we do business @ Smith

Smith has 4 character traits







Do's and don'ts of lockers

People you need to know !

Important people

  • The Principals name is Mr.Homes and Ms.Hahm
  • The Liberian name is Ms.Sapka
  • The people in the break room is f.camp
  • The nurse is Ms.Slydel

Tips for success

  • Do well in class
  • make sure that you come to class on time
  • respect everyone