Communication Skills

Proper Ways of Communications By Danniel and Layne

Communication. You do a lot of talk , But how well go you listen?

Communicating isn't just talking verbally, via email, text phone calls, writing letters, and many others. When you think of communication you normally only think of talking. But communication has two sides. The talker and the Listener. When someone else is talking be the listener. Here is a picture of someone trying to remember what he was saying but can't find the words to say it.

Ways to prevent conflict.

When you are communicating sometimes there is conflict. But along with conflict comes a resolution. i-messages are very important I messages are verbally stating how you feel for example I feel upset that we have to argue all the time. But there are ways to prevent conflict from happening in the first place. For example when you are listening to someone it is good to critique the speaker but you dont need to do it after every sentence