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the shrine

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the shrine

  • SYNOPSIS : After a young American tourist mysteriously disappears in Europe , a group of journalists begin to investicar his disappearance and end up in a remote village in Poland. They travel there hoping to clarify the story , but when they investigate the secrets behind this mysterious village , they are suddenly pursued by hostile locations. Unable to escape , they soon become the next victims of a spooky ritual and aavorante that ocorrene this village.

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Diretor: Jon Knautz
Pais :Canadá
Elenco: -Aaron Ashmore (Marcus), Cindy Sampson (Carmen), Megan Heffern (Sara), Ben Lewis (Eric Taylor), Laura DeCarteret (Laura Taylor), Connor Stanhope (Dariusz), Travor Mathews (Henryk), Julia Debowska (Ligia).
Gênero: Terror
Opinião: what I liked most of the film was the part where the two women are sacrificed because it really is a lot of emotion
since the part I liked least was the beginning thought through without emotion and without epinephrine