Packers VS Bears

Created By: Julian Colon

How the Packers destored the Bears

The Packers beat the Bears 55-14 November, 9, 2014. Aaron Rodgers threw 6 touchdowns in the first half he almost made a world record in NFL the record is 7 touchdown passes in a half. The second half the bears were losing 42-0, the Packers were destroying the bears. Brandon Bostick scored a 1 Yd pass from Aaron, Andrew Quarless scored a 4 Yd pass from Aaron in the first half. Jordy Nelson 73 Yd pass from Aaron, and Jordy Nelson 40 Yd pass from Aaron, Eddie Lacy 56 Yd pass from Aaron, Randall Cobb 18 Yd pass from Aaron these are the people who scored in the second half. Mason Crosby 20 Yd Field Goal, Brandon Marshall 45 Yd pass from Jay Cutler, Mason Crosby 52 Yd Field Goal, these are the scores of the third half. Casey Hayward 82 Yd Interception, Chris Williams 101 Yd Kickoff Return, these are the people who scored in the fourth half.

Packers Won Bears Lost

The Packers really wanted to beat the Bears. That is why the Packers won. The Bears gave up because the packers were destroying them.