The Wonderful History of Computing

Find out what you haven't been thinking of!

Input Devices

What are input devices?

Input devices are devices which are used to insert information into the computer system which is followed by a procession.

Here are brief examples of input devices:

.Computer mouse





.USB sticks

Output devices

Output devices are devices which show information according to the information they receive from the input device.

Here are some examples of Output devices:

  • Monitor
  • IPad
  • Speakers
  • Printer

Hardware devices

What are hardware devices?

Hardware devices are devices which are physically touched to insert information into a computer.

Processing and Storage

A computer is made up of many different parts and here are some of them called the Hardware devices within a computer.


A CPU is known as the brain of the computer, it transfers information and takes control of everything in a computer.

If a CPU is damaged your computer won't work although it's the smallest thing inside your computer.

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RAM is the Random, Access, Memory

The RAM is in control of the amount of files you have open.

If you open too many files your computer starts to do things slowly unless you've got a lot of RAM.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is responsible of the graphics on the screen if your graohics card is good then you will see things clearly on the screen if not it will be HORRIBLE!
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Power Supply

The power supply gives power to the computer. It is like the heart of the computer..


The motherboard is like a cupboard/closet, it stores everything on it like the RAM, cpu, Powersupply and etc.

If the motherboard doesn't work then the computer won't work.

Hard Drive

A hard drive is responsible of reading from and writing to a hard disk
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Network Card

    A Network card is an electronic device that connects a computer to a computer network.



Binary code, as you may have realized from the beginning bi, is made up of two different numbers; 1 and 0

Why Binary?

Well, when you insert a text, it is delivered to the CPU But!

The CPU wouldn't understand the text so it is transformed into a code.

This is Binary code!

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The History of Computing in 5 Minutes


Alan Turing is the purpose why World War II was ended.

He was one of the world's greatest mathematicians and had a great understanding in computing.

His contribution had stopped the Germans sending messages through a secret code because he and a team had cracked the code using a machine he has invented and information from a lady.

He also used enigma to crack the code.


What is a network?

A network is when two or more computers share information because they are connected with a hub and switch or a router.

Other types of networks