Travel to Athens

The Peaceful place By: Tyler Raboy

What is in Athens and Sparta

Athens has many beautiful features. They have great food, a nice Agora and one of the largest landmarks in Greece. Guess what you will find in Sparta? A war, where you will hear screams of pain and terror. Spartans barley know how to read and write, but at the age of seven they begin school to become soldiers. There is often a war taking place in Sparta. Athens on the other hand is beautiful, peaceful and its people enjoy art, architecture and poetry. The choice is yours, where would you like to travel to?


Between Sparta and Athens

Athens and Sparta have very different education systems. Athens actually learns important subjects like math, writing and reading. Sparta learns about war. Maybe they learn a tiny bit about reading and writing, but they read and write about war.
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The amazing landmark to see in Athens

There is a great big beautiful landmark in Athens, it is called the Parthenon. The Parthenon is Athens most famous landmark and is on the acropolis which is the highest point of the city. The Parthenon is made from only marble. That is one of the biggest buildings in Athens and one of the biggest tourist attractions. I know for a fact that they do not have anything this structurally amazing in Sparta.
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Where Athens is located

Athens is located in southern Greece. That is where one of the airports in Greece is located.
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Social Status

The men jobs: The most important jobs for men is to farm. The farmers get this land from the rich so the rich do not take over a tribe. This makes the poor also able to vote. Some other jobs for men was to write and read so they could write down records.

The women jobs: The women do not have much control of what they want to do. All they do is keep the house nice and tidy and watch the kids. Mostly, the slaves do most of the cooking and shopping.

Athens Democracy

Unlike Sparta who has kings, Athens has a democracy which is when technically all the people rule the city. In Athens everybody had a say in the argument while in Sparta if the king said you are going to war you are going to war. So if you do not want be bossed around by a king who loves war, come to Athens!
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Come to Athens!

Please come to Athens. With all of the great things in this city, you will never want to leave.