Reily Roche

Hi my name is Michael. (i'm on the left in this picture) I am 7 years old living in New York. I live with my mom, dad, and my 2 year old sister Mia. We are a poor family trying to make a living. We live in a neighborhood that is very poor. My mother makes all of my sister and I's clothing. I am a newsie. I started when I was 6, last year! I get up fairly early! Around 5:30. I start earlier than all my other friends because I want to try and help my family as much as I can! My dad works everyday as a factory worker all day and my mother is a stay at home mom to watch Mia. I love being outside all day, its just in the winter it gets kinda cold and windy, and we don't have a lot of extra money to spend on clothes for me and my sister. My friends normally get up around 6:30! I try to make my story sound sad and interesting so people will buy my papers. I try to sell at least 10 papers a day! I go home for lunch at 1:00 everyday then go back out onto the streets until dinner time which is at 7:00.