Athletes Agents

What do athlete agents do?


  • Athlete agents help athletes handle their money, and they take care of taxes.
  • They travel a lot because they have to meet with the athletes whenever they are doing their sport.
  • If you would like to be a athletes agent you would have to have an education in law.
  • You would also have to have an education in business management.

Work Hours

Work hours

  • They work most or the fall and winter.
  • Spring and Summer are for Contract Negotiations.
  • Weekend and holiday are common.



  • The annual average wage in Texas is $51,720.
  • The hourly average wage in Texas is $24.87.


Earnings range

  • Athletes agents earn money by how many clients you have and how much they earn.
  • They earn about 10% of the athletes money so agents that have successful athletes get paid well.