Nuclear Winter

And You Thought Chicago Winters Were Bad

What it is and what cuases it

Life After People - Nuclear Winter
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Nuclear bombs

Nuclear bombs are the deadliest weapons humans have ever created. They release massive amounts of radiation, and destroy everything within it's blast radius.

Green - Radiation Radius
Yellow - Fireball Radius
Red - Air Blast Radius (20 psi)
Gray - Air Blast Radius (5 psi)
Orange - Thermal Radiation Radius
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While the blast alone has already caused colossal damage, wind can move ash, dust, and radioactive debris very long distances.
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Effects of the overcast

  • The sun will be blocked out, causing temperatures to plummet. All vegetation will die very quickly
  • acid rain
  • wind blowing radioactive dust
  • mutations
  • disease

Surviving a nuclear winter

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  • It is best to stay in a shelter for at least a year after a nuclear blast because it will rain/snow radioactive particles, and you want to wait for radioactivity levels to decrease.

  • Years worth of food is necessary, along with other necessities to stay alive like water.

  • warm clothing
How to survive nuclear winter long term?

Will it ever end?

The clouds will eventually dissipate and the sun will begin shining again, but at that point it will be to late. All life on Earth will be destroyed before the nuclear winter ends.

Even after the clouds dissipate, the radioactive material has destroyed to o-zone that protects the Earth from ultraviolet rays.
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Is it Possible?

It is very possible. Many countries around the globe now possess massive nuclear warheads. However, the odds of a complete worldwide nuclear winter are slim. The reason nuclear war hasn't happened since WWII and probably wont happen is because of the threat from the other country. Russia knows that if they send a nuclear bomb to America, they will get one back. Also, in a war between two countries, they will not be launching warheads all over the world.