Journal 1: About Me

Lizzy Holly 1AB

Media that is a big part of my life is largely social media (twitter, snapchat, instagram, etc.) as well as television and some books.
One of my key values is equality, and this is demonstrated regularly in my life by how I treat people. I think that a number of my friends and family recognize this value in my life because I share my opinions and thoughts on matters such as this relatively often, so they should know where I stand on this topic.
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Media that enhances this value are books and movies by people recently speaking out more about the importance and the struggle of equality in people's lives. Media that challenges this value in my life is social media or movies that describes or depicts a type of person that is supposedly better than certain other people, and this can come down to even something seemingly small such as one peer judging another for something. There is a lot of this online.

One of our family values is appreciation and this is regularly practiced in our family by being encouraged to be appreciative of all that we have and are as there are many examples in media of others who are less fortunate than we are. Most of our friends can recognize this value in our family as we have been raised with good manners and taught to always thank people for all that they do and give for us, even if we don't yet know to appreciate whatever it may be in that moment.
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Media that enhances this value in our family are movies and books and news stories (Unbroken, CatchingKayla) about others who may be disabled or homeless or poor that make us more aware of all that we should be grateful to have. Media that challenges this value are mainly advertisements for things that we think we need but really could live without, such as certain electronics and specific types of shoes.

The media's perception of me is that I am a teenager like any other who constantly wants more and is eager to fit into the mold that society made for us and our peers help shape. The media thinks I should be like every other girl my age and do things such as constantly maintain my physical appearance and aspire to be only the most important and perfect human I can be. They think I value my looks and my love life and every one else's opinions on me. They hold near impossible expectations of my family as a family that's stricter than most would be holding back their child from "enjoying" the option of being like everyone else, but a family who's not strict enough may end up with a kid who went too far or is not exactly how the media wants them to be. The media's idea of perfection must be met or the imperfect person will not be accepted by them.
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My family can accept good media messages by sharing with one another any positive one's that we come across that would make a good impact on the others in our family. Rejecting bad media messages can be harder as the most obvious solution would seem to be staying away from the majority of media due to the fact that so much of it is negative. Media could be a great thing if only people thought more about how they use it.