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Week of January 4, 2016

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Happy New Year!

Welcome Back Raby Family! I hope that you had a restful and enjoyable holiday vacation. The turn of the new year often prompts us to re-evaluate our goals and plans. I encourage you to take time to remember why we entered the field of education. We wanted to play a critical role in transforming lives and developing young minds. So as we enter 2016, let us enter with the same zeal that prompted us to become educators! Let's come back rejuvenated and ready to change young lives!

New Year Celebrations!

We have 2 staff members to celebrate!!!!

To become eligible to become a principal in CPS, potential candidates must go through a rigorous screening process. I am excited and pleased to announce that Mrs. Dacres successfully completed the requirements and has been admitted to the CPS Principal Eligibility pool. CONGRATULATIONS AP DACRES!

Over the holiday break, Coach D proposed to Ms. Perry and she said YES! YAY!

Instructional Leadership Team

The Raby ILT meets on Monday at 3:40 in the library. The ILT works diligently to enhance the instructional program at Raby. All Raby staff members are invited to attend ILT in an observatory capacity. We would love to have you there!

Discovery Education Professional Development

In the near future, teachers will have an opportunity to participate in Discovery Education Professional Development. A Discovery consultant will spend time helping us enhance our technology skills. Invitations will be sent soon!

Donor's Chose

Congratulations to Mr. Barendt who received a Donor's Chose Grant.

Recently, Mr. Kosko and Mr. Hiller worked collaboratively to submit a Donor's Chose grant to upgrade the Sensory Room for students in our LI program. The grant was funded. Great job on a collaborative effort.

Stoplight Report for Social Expectations

In February, we will implement a Stoplight Report for Social Expectations (Discipline). Grade level leads will share more information as the system is developed. The goal is to develop a transparent system that helps students track their discipline infractions. This system is similar to the the Stoplight Report for academics. If you have any suggestions to consider as the system is developed, please feel free to share them with me or Mrs. Dacres.

Art Week

March 14 - 20 is designated as Art Week. Mr. Barendt will be helping to coordinate a week of arts activities for our students. If you are interested in serving on the Art Week committee, please see me or Mr. Barendt.

Please pay close attention to the information presented in the Holly's Highlights (especially the Start on Time relaunch). Thanks for your understanding as we work on staffing issues.

Have an awesome start to 2016!

Remember that my job is to support you. Please feel free to share your needs and concerns with me so that we can ensure that you are fully supported to help our students reach high levels of success.


Dr. Skanes

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