Features of YouTube

By Kennedy Howard


One feature, is having your own channel to make videos on. Gaming, comedy, style, entertainment, how to's, etc. You can upload videos to your channel that people all around the world can view. Your views, likes, dislikes, and comments will be counted. Anyone who enjoys your channel can subscribe. The more subscribers and views you receive, the more popular your channel will be.

YouTube Editor is a free editor used to edit videos. The audio is the music you add to your videos, when you add the music provided by YouTube Editor, ads will show up in your videos. The volume in your video can so be changed. The volume, bass, pan and treble can be changed. If you have an intro and outro or you want to add videos together, then you can combine videos. You can transfer photos and videos from your documents and drag them to where you want it. When you click on a video your trying to edit you will have some choices for the edits. One is filter and enhancements, the filters will change the videos look, the enhancements are just customizing the videos brightness, contrast, and saturation. Another thing to do is trim, lengthen, and split your videos. If you choose to split a video, you play the video where you want it then pause it. When your in the trimming settings, you will see a button saying split, click it and the videos will separate. Trimming is just moving two blue bars to where you want and it'll trim your video. One special effect for a YouTube video, is the blurring effect. This blurring effect is mostly used for blocking out faces and other purposes. On the YouTube Editor you can add transitions just like in PowerPoint. When your on YouTube Editor, you will see two triangles sideways with the tips facing each other. Click on it and you will see different transitions. Drag a transition you chose to where you want it in your video. Texts can be added to the to the video, or it can be a separate part of the video. To make a text, click the icon that has the letter A. You will have some options for your text. Background color, text color, enable text, font, banner height and opacity, the position of the banner and text, and the bold, underline, and italicize the text. Annotations, are texts that pop up in your video. Either they tell you to leave a like, or give you a link to a website or video. These are all the edits for YouTube Editor.

Monetization Settings

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More Features

The subscription gives you updates on YouTube videos for the channels you subscribe to. You need a Google+ account to use the subscription, on the left of your screen on the YouTube homepage, you will see under the "My Channel" button another that says "My Subscriptions." There you will find all of the recent uploads from the channels you have subscribed to. It will tell who made the video, and how long ago they uploaded.

If you have a YouTube channel, you can make money on your channel. You need to have a certain amount of views and subscribers to make money on YouTube. If you want to make money, you need to enable the monetization settings. To do that go to your account settings and click the monetization tab. Next, click enable my account and finally, follow the steps to the YouTube monetization agreement.