Hawaiian Cuisine

By : Camille Jenson and Nikki Lamb


  • Became the 50th state in August 21, 1959
  • Art galleries and museum of Hawaii Island
  • Beaches
  • Festivals
  • Live Music
  • Natural Wonders
  • Hiking'
  • Horse Back Riding

Common foods of Hawaii

Fruits of the Island

sweet pineapple, sweet papaya, bananas, lychee, mangoes, ranbutan, coconut, dragon cruit, jack fruit, suriman cherry, longan, soursop, starfruit, coca pods and raspberry

Outside Influences

They are descendants of Polynesians

Common Restaurants of Hawaii

  • Pauls Place
  • Original Big Island
  • TJ's
  • BBQ by the beach
  • Sushi Rock & Trio