Macbeth Act 5, Scene 1

1971 Roman Polanski Vs. 2010 Rupert Goold

Macbeth - Analyzing Staging in Act 5 - "Out Damned Spot!"


There are similarities in a few places but different because of the time settings. You can tell that in the Roman Polaski version the setting is more authentic and not so much in the Ropert Goold version. Now watching and reading the book it is very easy to see that there are things that you would not think was happening in the book that was in the movie. Overall everyone has Lady Macbeth pictured in their mind of how she would be and we can see how crazy she is in the movie Macbeth.
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Simularities and Differences Between the Two Movies

The Three Main Points

One similarity between 1971 Roman Polaski and 2010 Repert Goold versions are that Lady Macbeth looks crazy. You can see that Lady Macbeth was guilty, frightened, and scared of her husband.

A difference between the two versions are that they are in two different sections of the house or castle. In 1971 Roman Polaskis version Lady Macbeth is in her room sitting at her desk next to a candle while she walks around her room.

Another difference is that Lady Macbeth is completely naked in her room with the gentle lady and doctor. In 2010 Repert Goolds version is that Lady Macbeth is in a dungeon part of her house by a sink. She takes an elevator to go down to the sink where they met after they killed Duncan. Lastly, Lady Macbeth has a nightgown on with one shoe.