2-3M Overview

Term 3, 2020

Dear Parent/Caregiver

Welcome back to another term of learning at Woonona Public School. This overview will provide information about student learning this term.


Cycle One: We are learning to read and write contractions and the short o phoneme.

Cycle Two: We are learning to use the graphemes ay, ai and ea when making the ‘a’ phoneme and the /er/ phoneme.

Cycle Three: We are learning to apply the ous suffix and the /or/ phoneme.

Cycle Four: We are learning to correctly use ch and tch and the /air/ phoneme.

Cycle Five: We are learning to add ly to base words and the /j/ phonem.


The History unit of study for this semester is FIRST CONTACTS. The students will be working through four cycles, two across each term.

This term we are starting with a cycle called: First Contact. In this cycle students will learn about what life was like for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples before their first contacts with European explorers. They will learn about the diversity of language groups and study First Peoples connection to country.

The second cycle this term is called: Great Journeys. In this cycle students will investigate the reasons behind the great journeys of exploration. They will learn about significant individuals from this period (1400 – 1800) and will research and an examine one trader or explorer.


Year 2

Across the term students will be learning about:

  • exploring three digit numbers in detail
  • consolidating addition and subtraction strategies
  • relating addition and subtraction facts
  • decomposing and composing two digit numbers so they can find the difference between two digit numbers
  • skip counting by 2s and 5s
  • telling the time using 5 minute intervals
  • using informal measurements to measure capacity
  • using formal and informal units when measuring length.

Year 3

Across the term students will be learning about:

  • building instant recall for x2, x3, x5, x10
  • exploring patterns across place value, addition and subtraction and number charts
  • exploring length in mm and area in square cm.
  • revising and building the recall of x10 and x2 and using these to solve division sums
  • exploring angles
  • learning the 3 multiplication facts and the related division facts
  • investigating volume


This term students will firstly explore body percussions before exploring how to make music to reflect landscapes and images. The second half of the term they will be learning to perform a variety of common dances.


During the term students will be investigating the big idea: How can I adapt to a changing world?

During PE students will be exploring and investigating: How can I create new games and rules?


Students will be selecting an activity from a variety of sports and they will be learning how to play this across the term. Towards the end of the term on Friday Week 8 we will be holding a fun gala day, where students will be playing against each other in their chosen sport.

As always if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s learning please don’t hesitate to contact me through the school office.

Kind regards

Mrs McLerie

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