Would You Want People To Take Your Ideas?


You need to cite your work if it is not yours. Find out if you need to ask for permission, and whether or not you need to cite your research. Remember that plagiarism can lead to many crimes especially when you get older. Copyright is a way to protect the authors work.

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Key Terms

To start off state which of the following terms it is:

A). Copyright: Protection given to any work from being copied or distributed.

B). Fair Use: It is legal to use copyrighted materials as long as it benefits the public in some way.

C). Creative Commons: This includes music, videos, and images that are copyrighted and provisioned on their use.

D). Public Domain: Material that no longer has copyright restrictions.

Key Things To Know

1. If you use the research for a non-profit organization you do not need to ask for permission. However if it is not yours, you still have to cite it.

2. If you make or take a picture you do not need to cite or ask for permission because you own it.


1. Do I need to cite pictures, images, and videos not made by me?


2. Do I need to cite original work?


3. What if it is license free?


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