WPMS 6th Grade

Welcome to middle school!

April 16, 2021

Reminder: No school Monday or Tuesday (April 19&20)!

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BAND: New Groups

Now that testing is over, students will resume their band schedule for the rest of the year. Band is on Wednesday for the Schroetlin/Schoudel/Barry cohort, and on Thursday for the Stuart/Gutierrez/Benjamin cohort. Students are working on full songs now and hope to be able to share with you by the end of the year!

Academic Assistance: IN PERSON!

6th grade teachers are now offering academic assistance after school! In order to attend, students must have transportation or be able to walk home when they finish.

We will be offering in-person times by cohort. If your student needs a time that is not offered on their cohort, please contact your mentor teacher to schedule additional times.

MONDAY and WEDNESDAY, 2:20-3:00 will be available for the Schroetlin/Schoudel/Barry mentor classes.

TUESDAY and THURSDAY, 2:20-3:00 will be available for the Gutierrez/Stuart/Benjamin mentor classes.

Remote meetings will not be available from 2:20-3:00; however, there is a remote after-school session from 3:30-4:30 every Tuesday and Thursday. Click this link link to join.

Schedule Changes, Health, and Safety

After spring break, 6th graders had some schedule changes to allow students to interact more and experience more of the middle-school model of mixed class groups. We are really enjoying the chance to interact with students in new ways.

Please remind your student that our health and safety are still a top priority. With greater flexibility also comes greater risk. We need everyone to remain diligent about mask wearing, hand sanitizing, and proper distancing until we receive any additional allowances. Thank you for your help in making us one of the healthiest schools in the district!

Contact a 6th Grade Teacher

Math and Science-

Jessica Stuart jstuart@wpsdk12.org

Mike Schoudel mschoudel@wpsdk12.org

English and History-

Laurie Gutierrez lgutierrez@wpsdk12.org

Amber Schroetlin aschroetlin@wpsdk12.org


Justin Benjamin jbenjamin@wpsdk12.org

Elizabeth Barry ebarry@wpsdk12.org

Support Staff-

Kathy Morford, counselor kmorford@wpsdk12.org

Nancy Godwin, special education ngodwin@wpsdk12.org

Tianna Frayer, special education tfrayer@wpsdk12.org

Sandra Reynolds, English language learning sreynolds@wpsdk12.org

Josh DeSmidt, restorative practices jdesmidt@wpsdk12.org


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