WPMS 6th Grade

Welcome to middle school!

January 21, 2022

WPMS Showcase!

I hope that by now you have heard about the WPMS Showcase night coming up on Wednesday, January 25! We want to welcome our community in to see all the amazing things happening in the school. Please drop in from 5:30-7:00 to take a look at what's going on in the middle school. The English project pictured below is just one of many great displays you'll see!

Core Class Updates

Since returning from Christmas break, we have been busy with MAP testing and getting back into routines. Students are hard at work on projects and math units in every core class. Ask your student about their progress in these classes!

Science: "Setting Things in Motion" project - Students should be finished with Checkpoint 2 and Reading Packet #8.

History: "Quien Soy" project - Students should be working on Checkpoint 1.

English: "Memoir of a Student" project - Students should have submitted Checkpoints 1, 2, and 3.

Math: "Dividing Fractions" test coming up February 4!

Advanced Math: "Percentages" test on Monday!

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Power Focus Areas: Progress Line Reminder

After a long break, it's typical for students to take a little while getting geared back up for school. All 6th grade teachers have been working this week to get that process going! Projects are underway in every class, and Power Focus Areas are approaching soon.

Three classes have PFAs that will pass on January 24:

Figurative Language in English

Unit Rates in 6th grade math

Energy 1 in Science

All teachers offer study guides and workshop lessons to help students prepare for these tests. You can also help at home by asking your student about the key terms (listed on the right side of the PFA page), and how they have been learning about these topics.

Some students have already passed one or more of these Focus Areas. One benefit of the Summit platform is that students can go out of order and master topics they know better. Another benefit is that students can pass Focus Areas anytime, even if they show up as red on the platform.

If you would like more information or printed study guides for any Focus Area, please reach out to your mentor teacher!

Academic Assistance

WPMS is now offering academic assistance after school. Every Tuesday and Thursday, students can stay in the library until 4:30 to finish school work. Our teachers are the supervisors, so students can get specific help with any topic. For more information, call the front office or reach out to your student's mentor.

Chromebook Care

Chromebooks are used frequently in middle school, and they take a lot of wear and tear in the process! Here are a few tips to keep the chromebook in the best shape:

*Always carry the chromebook in a string bag or in both hands for safety.

*Power the chromebook OFF every night (not just closing the screen) to install updates.

*Wipe the keyboard and mouse pad with a Clorox wipe (not the screen).

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Contact a 6th Grade Teacher!

Amber Schroetlin - English: aschroetlin@wpsdk12.org

Kip Shubert - History: mshubert@wpsdk12.org

Jessica Stuart - Science: jstuart@wpsdk12.org

Christina Chapman - Math and Panther Time: cchapman@wpsdk12.org

Lindsay Gardiner - Math and Panther Time: lgardiner@wpsdk12.org

Nancy Godwin - Special Education: ngodwin@wpsdk12.org

Angela Wolcott - Mentor Teacher: awolcott@wpsdk12.org

Sandra Reynolds - ELL and Mentor Teacher: sreynolds@wpsdk12.org


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