Ryan Johnson

About Me

My name is Ryan Johnson I was born in Atlanta, Georgia on November 2nd 2001. I have two brothers and one sister there names are Zachery, Justin, and Sydney. I get my height from my brother Justin he is 6'7 and 24 years old. My brother is 14 years old and is the same height as me. My sister is 9 years old and is about a foot shorter than me.My mom is 5'7 and i'm about to be the same height as her. I have one parent and a puppy there names are Leslie and Coco.

My dad died on January 3, 2013 his name was is Sylvester. I'm the youngest boy, but the middle child. I like playing video games and playing basketball. One day I want to be in the NBA. I've played basketball for 8 years. I also like playing football too. I love photography my aunt has a photography website with pictures of me and my family.

I enjoy creating website I think it is a good way to pass time. I also like to travel, I've been to lots of places going on cruises and flying. I have lots of fun stuff that is awsome

My Year!


In 2004 when I was three I found about basketball at my brothers basketball games. After the game he picked me up and let me dunk that's when I started playing.

I would practice and practice all the time, and when got older the practice paid of. I played basket ball this year and made it to the All-Star league. This year i'm playing for a travel team. I am a tall person so i'm good at blocking. I'm always scared to get hurt because if I do then I wouldn't be able to play.

I ran track at my old school that's why i'm so fast. I was probably the best on my team every year, because of the practice. I'm asking my mom for a basketball hoop so I can play without leaving the house. My dad would always take me to the gym so I could practice for a game. I would always try to do the best in our games so we could win.

I've been playing for eight years and i'm still plying one day I want to be in the NBA.

A day in the life of ME!

It's morning time I wake up and eat my breakfast. My mom yells "Ryan time for school!" I run down stairs to go get in the car. When we got there my mom said she was taking me to the dentist, I say "O k."

When I got in I played with the blocks and did other fun stuff. About an hour later we go outside. I beat the other kids to the toy trucks, "YES!" We stay for about 45 minutes and we go in. My teacher set up a lot of fun activities.

When we got home my mom took me to the dentist. I ate after and got a toy. I liked Lightning McQueen, So I got that toy. We went home and when I was playing with my toy on the ironing board. My arm hit the iron and my arm was sevearly burned. My arm was bandaged up and I went to sleep with a burned arm.