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October 9, 2020

7th grade ELA

Students in English Language Arts wrote name poems that expressed what memories, qualities, and values make them so special and unique. Below are just some of the amazing poems!
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Samson S.

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Gloria L.

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Ava S.

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Emily W.

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Tyler S.

Extra-Curricular Accomplishments

Calvin C. - 7th grade

Calvin joined the Junior Fire Department in Bendersville. He participated in training where he got to test the fire hoses and the cannon, which is a pressured hose that shoots water straight from the truck. Way to go, Calvin!

Rylie B. - 8th Grade

Rylie entered - and won! - a national art contest this past summer. She is a talented artist who loves to express herself through her pieces. You can visit the link below to see her work showcased in the virtual art gallery. Congratulations, Rylie!
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ELA Halloween Challenge!

UAMS ELA department is also doing a middle school reading challenge for both 7th and 8th grade. Student can enter as many Halloween reading challenges as they want. Each activity is a new entry into the raffle and there will be a prize winner for each grade level! Good luck!

Mid-term Reports

As is the theme with 2020, the school year is also moving at a rapid pace. We are already halfway through our first quarter! Students should have brought home their midterm reports already (and remember, you can access grades at any time through PowerSchool), and students should be aware whether they are on pace, or behind for this quarter.

For all students who are behind in their work - DON'T GIVE UP NOW! We still have a few weeks left this quarter to start turning your grades around. Teachers and staff are working to get you caught up, but the rest is up to you! We are holding you accountable for missed work, especially on the remote days, as you have to continue to learn. We know this is exceptionally challenging way to go through your course work, but we have to all work together to be successful.

We also know this year isn't ideal. Remember - districts everywhere are facing the same types of challenges. One crucial fact remains the goes on. We are here and ready to continue the job of educating. We are looking for you, the students, to continue with your job of learning. Now that we have gotten settled into a routine, let's make the best of this situation because like it or not, life moves on. Don't get left behind because you gave up on your job of learning!

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