Sickle Cell Disease

By Marina hess

Title and basic infromation

Sickle cell disease is a severe heredity form of anemia in wich a mutated form of hemoglobin distorts the red blood cells into a crescent shape at a low oxygen level. This disease effects more on the Africans.


A symptom that causes sickle cell disease is servers pain in the chest, back, arms, legs, and abdomen. Another symptom is Anemia which is are red blood cells that are low. Your daily life if you have sickle cell disease your daily life would be like having fear and anxiety also depression and stress. Having sickle cell disease your life expectancy is living up to your 40's or 50's. With good steps to get you healthier people living with sickle cell disease can live productively.
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The type of mutation that is causing the sickle cell disease is in the hemoglobin beta one. The chromosome that is effected is chromosome 11. The genes name is beta one


One treatment for sickle cell disease is Oxygen therapy where you get fluids given by the vein or mouth. Another treatment is blood transfusion, this is when you take it daily by mouth, hydroxurea reduces how painful sickle cell is and acute syndrome occur. Also their is no cure for this disease but tratments to help relieve pain.
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Other facts

  • People who have sickle cell disease inherit two sickle cell genes ("s") one from each parent.
  • The only treatment that has more success than others is the bone Marrow treatment or cell transplant treatment.
  • The name sickle cell comes from the crescent shape of the cell.
  • A sickle is a tool with a crescent shaped blade.
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