By Alden Harris, Supreme Overlord of the Universe

What is the most important belief in Sikhism and why do they believe this?

Sikhs believe that everyone is equal and that the caste system, imposed by the Indian government and religion. This religion was created and followed by people who thought this was wrong. They also believe that there is one god with infinite forms and infinite names

Why do people want to follow this religion

People originally started and followed this religion when Islam and Hindu were the religions of the area. I think people started to follow it because it put people of all races, sexes, and religion as equal. it also says things like fasting, foot-binding, and other blind faiths are unnecessary.


Including the gunman, 7 people were killed in a Sikh church in 2012, and three people were wounded.

Whats happening now?

At their most holy temple, a sword fight broke out and ten people were injured. It was allegedly because of a group not being able to speak at an anniversary of a militery raid



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