start your life in canada!

Immigrate to canada!

What do you need to do/prove in order to be accepted into our country?

The first thing you have to do to immigrate to Canada is you need to speak Canada's official language (English or French). Then, you must qualify under Canada's point system to enter Canada as an immigrant. Complete a formal application and submit it to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Pay an application fee. Pass a medical exam that shows you do not have any illnesses that could endanger Canadians or strain Canada's health care system. Lastly, Pass a security check that shows you have no criminal record and are not a security risk to Canada.

Why should you immigrate to Canada?

you should move to Canada because it has a better quality of life, free health care, great education, lots of job opportunity's, great economy, it has a low crime rate, and lastly it is very diverse.