All About Brayden Wiley

4th Grade/ Mrs. Jordan

This is How I Roll

Age: 10 years old

Likes: Sports, Fishing, Hunting, Air-soft, and Hanging with my Friends and Family

Dislikes :Homework , Crab, and Hockey

Favorite Foods: Watermelon, Subway, Pizza, and Steak,

Least Favorite Foods: Shrimp, and Fish

Least Favorite Thing About School: Reading

Future Dream: Play for Michigan State Football Team as a Wide Receiver

Favorite Things To Do Outside Of School: Play Sports with Friends, Trampoline, Fishing, and Hunting.

Favorite Vacation: Myrtle Beach Looking for Sharks Teeth.

Favorite Sports Teams: Tigers, Seahawks, Patriots, Yankees, Pistons, Clarkston Wolves, Heat, Thunder, and Michigan State.

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No Guts No Glory

Summer Fun!
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My Family

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