Cuban Missile Crisis

Change Maker Event


The Cuban Missils Crisis was a naval war between America and the Soviet Union. That actually never really happened.Cuba and the U.S already had bad blood because of the cold war.The JFK learned the Soviet Union gave some missile to cuba which is only 90 miles for the U.S. Over a 14 day standoff the U.S and Cuba came to agreement to to start a war knowing that nobody will come out victorious.

Fast Facts

Lasted 13 days ( Oct.14, 1962 - Oct 28, 1962)

John F .Kenndy was president at the time

Nikita Khrushchev was the leader of the soviet army

Fidel Castro the Cuban leader was left out all negoation

The US agreed to never invade cuba

The soviet agreed to not blow up the US

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The Cuban Missile Crisis is a definite changemaker to U.S history. Since then U.S and Cuba haven't been on greatest terms.Until 2014 .The Crisis sent the U.S to panic mode. It changed how the U.S dealt with major issues.Unstead of going to war the US or JFK to be exact stood his ground and was patient with the soviet union.
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