Persuasive Research Project

Ms. Orluski's English I Class


For Unit 6, you will be engaging in research based on an issue of your choice. You will be choosing a two-sided issue to explore. Your goal is to choose a side of the issue and design a flyer that persuades the audience to agree with your side.



You need these skills in order to be a productive member of an ever-changing global society. It's my job to prepare you.

By the end of this project, you will:

  • Be able to to locate and cite academic resources
  • Understand the difference between facts and opinions
  • Ask high level questions of yourself and the world around you
  • Evaluate the validity of online resources
  • Effectively write to a given audience
  • Show off your creativity and tech skills
  • Know that few issues in life are black and white
  • Be a published author!


You have creative reign over your flyer. You may organize it any way you desire as long as you include:

  • A title
  • Your name
  • Your guiding research question (what one question did you spend all this time trying to find an answer to?)
  • A clear thesis statement (your answer to the guiding question)
  • A 5-7 sentence paragraph that gives readers background knowledge on the topic (inform us of any current laws, help us understand---pretend we have no idea what your topic even is.)
  • 3 credible sources minimum
  • 1 effective graphic (chart, graph, political cartoon, striking image, etc.)
  • Works Cited section
  • 5 pieces of text evidence minimum from credible sources
  • Commentary to explain quotes as needed
  • Acknowledgement of the counterclaim and an explanation of why it doesn't change your opinion
  • Lead-ins to all your quotes
  • Correct spelling and grammar