The Life of Darvinash

By: Darvinash Chandra Mohan

Personal History

My name is Darvinash. I was born in Malaysia at a small hospital in the state of Penang. I came to this country when I was in the fourth grade (supposed to be in third). I do not have any siblings. My mom works at an oncology office in Statesville. My grandparents are still living in Malaysia, so once in a while, we travel back to Malaysia during our summer vacation.


My favorite hobbies are:

-Playing tennis

-Watching TV

-Bike riding



-Travelling to different places (future hobby)

Summer Vacation

My Opinion About Science

Science has been one of my two favorite subjects (other is math). The reason that I like any type of science is because it enhances your curiosity, and it helps you explore more of the outside world. It helps us realize that even though we may know some things, there are still some ideas that we have been exposed with and are not aware of. I am also pursuing this class because it will strengthen my background in order to become a doctor. After I become a doctor, I plan to become a surgeon.