Baby Necessities (first year)

By: Brianna Tapia, Cameron Thomas, & Monie Crawford

What To Look For

You will need anywhere between 5 to 7 shirts for your baby.

TIP: Look for the outfits with snaps, for easy access.

Clothing Summary...

Look out for T-shirts and turtlenecks with plenty of room in the neck, or neck snaps, so they slide comfortably over your child's head. Separates allow you to easily change one piece of dirty clothing without making a whole new outfit. Sweaters, fleece jackets, and sweatshirts that zip up are easy to put on and take off. A broad-brimmed sun hat for the summer and a warm hat that covers the ears in the winter should do the trick. You'll need socks for indoors and some booties for outdoor wear. You may not need to buy real, hard-soled shoes during your baby's first year. Some doctors commonly recommend waiting until your child is a strong walker because shoes can interfere with development.


Babies will go through at least 12 diapers a day.

Wipes: Whether you plan to buy wipes, make your own, or use a washcloth and warm water!

Changing pad/table: Buying a changing table is not necessary,

Some parents use a changing pad or just a towel on the floor or bed.

TIP: Look for disposable diapers

Toddler Accessories!

Baby Carrier: Carriers are convenient, because your child is close to you and you have two free hands.

Stroller: A stroller is definitely something to consider. Your baby can nap comfortably while you're out doing stuff, easy access to baby accessories, etc.

Car Seat: A car seat is highly needed, whenever you're traveling with your children; you want them to ride safe and comfortable.

TIP: Consider getting two car seats for their Grandparents!


Nursing Pillow: Used to support your child's head when feeding them!

Breastfeeding Accessories: Lanolin ointment can relieve your sore nipples!

Burp cloths 6-12: To catch vomit and wipe up other baby fluids.

Bottles 6-12: For newborns, invest in 4 and 8-ounce bottles

Formula: There are plenty of formulas out there for babies

Bottle Brushes: Convenient for scrubbing nipples, bottles, etc.

Breast Pump: For storing breast milk

Breast Milk Bags: To save milk

About Feeding

Highchair: A high chair is not necessarily needed; a portable chair or a chair that easily connects to a table will do just fine. However, a full-size highchair or one will wheels will make it convenient for moving around the house. Also, look for a chair that makes clean ups easier.

Bowls: Most parents prefer a bowl with a suction cups on the end.

Spoons: Plastic spoons are ideal.

Sippy Cups (3-5): These cups include a lip with a spout. You won't have to worry about spills and messes. Also, cups with handles are easy for your child to manage.

Tip: Look for small cups

Baby's Health

First Aid Kit: Your baby's first aid kit should include the following..

  • Medicine
  • Thermometer
  • Baby acetaminophen or ibuprofen
  • Liquid Soap
  • Sterile Bandages
  • Tweezers
  • Insect Repellent
  • Calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream
  • Cold Pack
  • First Aid Guide
  • Electrolyte

Bulb Syringe: Use with saline drops to clear baby's stuffy nose

Teething Toys: These making the teething process easier for your child

Digital Thermometer: This is very critical to keep

Baby Nails or Clippers: Trim your child's nails safe and easy

Baby Laundry Detergent: Some brands make detergent special for babies

Soft Bristled Baby Brush: Handy for cradle cap

TIP: These are not expensive, so don't feel as though you should expand your budget