JFK Shot

50 Years Ago

November 22, 1963: Assasination

On November 22, 1963, Kennedy was visiting Dallas, Texas, with his wife and Vice President Johnson. As they rode in an open car, someone shot the President. He died one hour later. The youngest man ever elected President, Kennedy was now the youngest ever to die in office. Vice President Lyndon Johnson became the next President.

Police arrested a man named Lee Harvey Oswald and charged him with the crime. Two days after he was arrested, Oswald was shot and killed by a man named Jack Ruby. Although Kennedy’s assassination has been investigated for years, no one is absolutely sure if Oswald acted alone in shooting the President or if he had help from someone else.

The nation, and the world, mourned the death of the President. Heads of state from more than 90 nations came to his funeral in Washington, D.C. Millions of Americans watched the ceremonies on television. Kennedy was buried in Arlington Cemetery in Washington. His wife, Jackie, lit an eternal flame at his grave. Source: Fact Cite