Amazing Vacation only for the Japs!

Escape from all the Pearl Harbor drama on the west coast !

Just relax and let the desert-like beauty mesmerize you !

Don't worry about the world war going around ! There's enough space for all the Japs to enjoy a thrilling ride to the farthest camp near a beautiful wasteland !

It will be just like a expedition to the Grand Canyon ! Even better !


Just give all your money and all your personal items to the soldiers in charge of escorting you safely to the amazing camp grounds.

No worries for hygiene. Showers , bathrooms and a healthy ambience is provided by the soldiers who constantly watch you as you sleep.

It will be like Christmas !

With all the searchlights always shining , and the love always felt as you and your family will be crowded like penguins feeling each others body heat.

No worries , you will be protected

The maximun security will keep you protected. The many soldiers constantly watching you and checking you will make sure nothing will happen to you .

No more worries about people breaking in your house !

No more worries abot your wife cheating on you !

Everyone is a witness in the crowded camps .

Those pesky children are always surveilled for you, and you can just relax because of the free daycare!


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( Thats how good these vacations are )