Self-Centered Marriage Workshop

Calm Down, Grow Up, Get Closer with your Spouse

ScreamFree Marriage Workshop

Utilizing Hal Runkel's ScreamFree Marriage program. I became a Certified ScreamFree leader in February 2012. I have had the honor of watching couples go through this 4 part workshop and their relationship be transformed. DVD driven, leader facilitated conversation, and workbook for directed work between sessions.

Workshop offered Monday Evenings for four weeks.

Monday evening from 6:45 pm to 8:15 pm. Four weeks in a row. September 9, 16, 23 and 30. Only 10 to 16 participants in this workshop format. Register by August 15 for Early Bird Discount.

Area Introduction Rates for Workshop: $95 per person (includes workbook)

Early Bird Discount: $140 per couple (includes 1 workbook) {couple is defined as 2 people living in the same dwelling, planning on marriage/life time commitment)

August 16 and after:

$125 per individual (includes 1 workbook)

$175 per couple (includes 1 workbook)

A second workbook may be purchased from presenter for $15.00

The Self-Centered Marriage book may be purchased for $14.00

The ScreamFree Marriage MRI Kit, including 1 workbook and the DVD series may be purchased from presenter for $185.00. (Purchase the Kit and the Workshop for $300 plus one year of Marriage coaching rates reduced to $45.00 per hour. Potential savings of $500 with purchase of 10 marriage coaching sessions$50.00 savings if just purchasing workshop and kit.)

Workshop participants will receive a completion certificate and earn a rate reduction in Marriage Coaching Sessions good for one year after the workshop.

Payment must be made in advance of the workshop start date. Payment is non-refundable. Please make sure you can attend all 4 sessions you are registering to attend.

You can Register and pay with Paypal by using link to Click on the ScreamFree Services page.

Frequently asked questions?

I am a newlywed is this for me?

I have been married 10 years is this program for me?

Yes, this program will give you the tools to grow closer in your relationships.

I am not a screamer... what can I gain?

Some scream, some get silent, some give sarcasm when they are upset. All of these unhealthy responses are the same as screaming. This workshop can help you learn healthy responses.

I cannot get to the class, is there another way to participate?

Yes, you are able to purchase the DVD Series and workbook from Presenter. You and your partner may work through at your own pace. If further help is needed you may schedule Marriage Coaching sessions with Presenter, individually by logging onto

Self-Centered Marriage

By learning to focus on what you have control of in your relationships (you) the relationship can blossom into an intimate, close, growing union you have wanted for years but don't know how to get. For this reason, both spouses are recommended to attend, however they do no have to attend together in order to begin positive changes in their relationship.

Presenter: Heather Yasolsky, LPC

I am a Mental Health Counselor, I have been for 18 years. I am also married for 14 years now, and the mother of pre-adolescent daughters. Nothing in my career prepared me for the intensity of the relationships as Wife and Mother. The ScreamFree program transformed our relationships in my home. After a year I realized the program could be more beneficial to my clients than many other things I had in my tool box so I went to school and became ScreamFree Certified. I have watched this marriage program, and the Parenting Program I also utilize, make remarkable changes in other people's relationships. Come along for the journey and see how much closer you can grow with those you are in relationship with.