By: Rhiannon and LaKiya


Facing it:

" Enemies "

Dave Jensen and Lee Strunk get into a fistfight over a missing jackknife that Jensen thinks Strunk has stolen. Jensen breaks Strunk’s nose and, Jensen is nervous that Strunk will try to get payback. Jensen fires his gun into the air,he borrows a pistol and uses it to break his own nose in order to even the score. Strunk is shocked by the news, admitting that he did steal Jensen’s jackknife.


Dave Jensen and Lee Strunk learn to trust each other. They resolve that if one gets seriously wounded, the other will kill him to put him out of his misery. In October, Strunk’s lower leg gets blown off by a mortar round. Jensen kneels at Strunks side and Strunk repeatedly begs not to be killed. Jensen is happy to know that Strunk didn't survive the trip.

Discussion Question

What message are these authors trying to convey to the readers about war? What is the impact the war has on people?

- The author is trying to convey that in the tough times and situations you have to put the hate aside when dealing with war. The war has a hue impact on people because it changes your perception on what's really important to your life and basic needs to survive.

The Things They Carried (Vietnam Film)
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This image relates to the Vietnam war because it is a bunch of people protesting against the war for the soldiers to come home and ending the war.