Interesting Editor

It has some very straightforward interaction controls

Introductory line of text goes here

there seems to be some nice controls for text entry and standard spell checking. It isn't clear if the spell checking is support by the browser (probably) or the application. In the text block I can Bold, Italicize, Underline my text. I can also add or break a link and create bulleted or numbered lists.

I can even drag a picture from my desktop -- coolieo. Not sure what image editing is supposed to get me maybe an artifact of the beta version of the application.

My fun event

Wednesday, Oct. 17th 2012 at 6pm

11 Crescent St Stow MA

I think entering the address will automatically pop up a map. Hmm... There is a get directions link and something that kinda looks like a map but it's definitively not the right map. Maybe you can't view the map in edit mode. The address field is "powered by Google" so maybe the real map shows up later.

Agenda -- very nice to have

Same text editing controls as above.

  • here
  • is a
  • sample
  • of a
  • bulleted list

This picture was added by browsing to a directory on my machine.

Nice method in place for changing the view of this block arrow right and you get just text, arrow right again and you get the image on the right, arrow right a 3rd time and the picture is on the left. This kind of selection is often handled by thumbnails but it seems to work here and is consistent with other objects on the page.

This is my Company Name

I can have my boiler plate text here. Other fields that I can optionally add info to include: Facebook, Twitter, Email, Address, Phone, and Website.

Below that is an add content button that allows you to additional content blocks and some other things like video. The biggest miss seems to be registration and payment but the interaction model is very straight forward and consistent.