Chapter 29



The body needs food because food gives energy, nutrients, and vitamins to the body needed for survival.

Carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids give the body energy. Protein also the ability to build muscle and help with body processes.

Vitamin A gives you good vision and Vitamin B1 gives healthy nerves. Calcium needed for strong bones and teeth and Potassium for muscles and nerves to work normally

Water is a nutrient because your cells is two thirds water so without water you would get dehydrated which can cause death.


MyPyramid can tell you what to eat every day and how much so you can put it in your room and ask yourself if you ate these things today. This will also tell you that may have eaten too much.

Reading the label you first read the serving size and if it is two servings then one serving is half it. Then you go do and read the information about this certain food.

To balance food with exercise you can’t grease and fat filled foods then go play a sport or eat a lot because this gives cramps and slows you down.


The digestive system absorbs nutrients and water from the food and uses it in the body. After is absorbs the needed things it disposes of unneeded things.

They make it easier and faster to break down foods

Esophagus brings down the food, small intestine absorbs water and large intestine absorbs

Produces vitamins B12 and K, Breaks down poison control the growth of bad bacteria, and breaks down food that can’t be broke.

Watch the food you eat.