Neolithic Revolution

By:Yenifer Dominguez Chavez


The Neolithic Revolution, or agricultural revolution, did not happen quickly,it occurred gradually, over several thousands years.Nomadic people moved from place to place following the animals.They also ate plant based foods that they gathered,such as fruits ,seeds, roots and nuts.The fertile Crescent allow people to settle down in this region because they have protection ,plants,and water and animals to hunt.Researches have found that people established settlements about 11-14 thousand years ago.The connection between farming and civilization is that farming cause civilization to grow bigger and ancient civilizations have also been found in modern-day china,India, Egypt, Peru and Mexico. Occurring in the Neolithic age,when humans largely shifted away from living as roaming hunter gathers and began farming and settled agrarian communities.Also they started to settle down because they know how to farm, crops and plants.

The First Crops

As people traveled people gathered food from wild plants and when resources ran out people needed to move to a new location.Also, people settled in one place because they were able to better control their food,supply and could settle in one place.Women were the first farmers because they were responsible for gathering wild plants .Women first noticed patterns in the growth of wild plants then, they learn how to grow plants themselves.Women began to cultivate plants while men continued to hunt for food. The cause is that there was not enough wild grain to feed the people ,so they had to find a way to produce food.Not all people stop hunting and gathering ,some people continued to hunt and gather.How people store their crops is that people use of pits and building for crops storage.The three areas of the world where farming developed is Middle East, Modern-day Chain ,and America.The specific crops are corn,beans,and squash.The domestication of wheat is that the domesticate of plants by allowing the people to select seeds from the best plants and perhaps the biggest wheat kernels, the seeds that had yielded the most grain per plant, or those that tasted seeds to plants the following year.One fertilizer they used is animal poop.

The First Farm Animals

Domestication of animals change society because the first animal that was domesticated by humans are dogs and dogs are descendants from wolves.Also dogs were domesticated by early nomads to help them with hunting.People domesticated farm animals about 10,000 years ago.Also people herded and pastured wild animals because people direct animals to rich food sources and kept the herds near humans settlement.Goats and sheep were the first farm animals to be domesticated because they were easy to domesticate because of their small size and their tameness, and their plants based diet.Sheep and goats provide for people by food ,wool,hides,milk,and manure.Then,cattle,cow,bull, and ox were domesticated to help with labor with fields and came to be known as beasts of burden.Disease is a problem with domesticated animals because the disease sometimes spread form animal populations and similar to modern day threats posed by swine flu and avian flu.Farmers could grow more food because animals could efficiently do more work more quickly than human could and animals could work more longer than farmers.