Science 7 Newsletter

Hicksville Middle School

Welcome to Room 237!

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying the busy holiday season! In this email you will find major topics of study and assignments for the upcoming weeks. I have listed a date to be assigned and/or due date for each, but please note these may change due to school events or need for further review.

Grades for this week?

Science 7 students will be earning grades on the following assignments for the week:

  1. Unit Test Review Guide: In an effort to help students prepare for Friday's unit test, students will receive a review guide on Wednesday (12/16) to complete for Thursday's class test review and for grading on Friday (12/18). Concerned about how to help your student prepare for this test? All information needed to complete the test review guide should be found behind Tab 3 in their Science 7 Notebooks. When studying with your student, I always find it best if they explain the ideas aloud. If they can talk about the topics successfully, then they should be able to answer questions about the content. For example, you could ask your student to explain the importance of greenhouse gases to Earth. You can check your student's response by reviewing the notes found in the Tab 3 section.
  2. Earth's Systems Unit Test: On Friday (12/18), students will complete the unit test over the notes found behind Tab 3 in their student notebook. Topics found on the test will be reviewed through the completion of a review guide and class review day on Thursday (12/17). This will be the second test grade for Quarter 2.

Test Review Session: A second test review session will be held on Thursday (12/17) directly after school from 3:10-3:40PM. I would highly recommend any students who struggle with quizzes/tests to attend this review session.

Class Dojo

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